1500mm Belt Actuator Kit

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1500mm Length 2040 V-slot Silver  Belt Actuator Kit provides smooth operation for a Gantry along 20×40 V-Slot Linear Rail. It is both accurate and quick, ideal for Camera Sliders.

This kit is an easy way to get all the pieces needed for the build.

The kit includes :


1X   Neman 17 Stepper Motor                                              

1X  GT2 (2mm) Aluminium Timing Pulley 20 Tooth                                  

4X  Metric Aluminium Spacers – 30mm                                                    

1X  Metric Aluminium Spacers – 3mm                                                     

4X  M3 Button Head Screws – 35mm                                                      

1X  Smooth Idler Pulley Kit  WHEEL-PULLEY-KIT                                    

8X  M5 Low Profile Screws – 8mm                                                        

8X  T-Nuts – 1 Piece                                         

2X  Actuator Pulley Plate                                                                       

4X  Cable Tie – 100mm                                                                         

1X  20mm V-Slot Gantry Plate                                                              

4X  Solid V Wheel Kit                                                                            

2X  Metric Aluminium Spacers – 6mm                                                 

2X  Eccentric Spacers – 8mm Hex – 6mm Height                             

4X  M5 Low Profile Screws – 25mm                                                 

1X  V-Slot 20 x 40mm Silver                            

3X  GT2 (2mm) Timing Belt (per meter)     

1X PDF assembling  Manual 


  • Don’t forget to slide the Gantry onto the V-Slot before you attach both Actuator Pulley Plates.
  • Don’t forget to attach the Timing Pulley to the Nema17B Motor shaft before attaching the Motor to the Plate.
  • Follow this process for correct tensioning the GT2 Belt:
    1. Tighten the screws on one Actuator Pulley Plate to secure the Plate in position.
    2. Feed the Belt over the Pulleys and through the hollow center of the V-Slot
    3. Tie or Clamp the GT2 Belt on both sides of the Gantry
    4. Pull the other Actuator Pulley Plate away to Tension the GT2 Belt, tighten the screws on the Plate while it is under tension

If you require any other lengths please let us !