6Pcs 6.3-20.5mm Chamfering End Mill Cutter 3 Flute Round shank 90 Degree HSS Countersink Deburring Tapered Drill Bit

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- It is possible to more easily drop the processed debris during the chamfering process without delaying the work efficiency due to tool clogging.

- Suitable for workpieces with hardness below 25HRC, such as carbon steel, thin iron plate, insulation board, PVC board, wood board, etc.

- The blade can be ground: a more convenient maintenance method allows the tool to be ground without unloading.

- Automatic through- hole chamfering cutters can quickly chamfer the two sides of the hole in a few seconds.

- The processing of the taper can be done in one operation. Suitable for small cutting volume machining.


Package Included:

6 x Tapered Drills