Adjustable speed control conveyor 200x1500mm green PVC belt

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Adjustable PVC Conveyor.

Adjustable speed control conveyor,

Size: 200x1500mm green PVC belt.

Motor:120 w ,220v ,50Hz,6.0 uf, 90-1400 RPM

Frame: T slot Aluminium profile

Hight :750mm (with an option of any height you require for your product line)

The conveyor Designed with:

 2X 56mm diameter belts rollers

2X 50mm belt tensioner Rollers

1X 56mm diameter Driven shaft that gives you flexibility to run the conveyor forward and reverse without any issues.

You can connect easily with no time to existing product and have more access to all the conveyor parts such as motor, bearing etc.

 The conveyor motor fitted under the conveyor to give you more room around the conveyor and make it easier to connect to existing line.

The T slot Aluminium Frame that gives you more options if you like to connect the printer or sliding rails or any other accessories.

PVC conveyer with T-slots aluminium frame, adjustable speed control running forward and reverse a perfect solution for your product line.

Easy to install and Low maintenance.






Product list.

1X   240v Motor.

1X PVC belts

1x   speed control

2X   56mm belt Rollers for each end of the conveyor

1X   56mm diameter driven shaft

2x   50mm diameter tensioner Rollers

2 X   L and R mounting bracket

2X   convers

4X   adjustable legs

1    sets of aluminium profile frame .

     All other connectors and accessories

PDF assembling Manual.

Please Note:

It will come as un assemble if you like us to assemble it for you please let us know.


For any other extra parts such as siding top side rails ,different height or any other modification please contact us.


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