Adjustable Toolbox Case Metal Toggle Latch Catch Clasp Quick Release Clamp Anti-Slip Push Pull Toggle Clamp Tools

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Made of heavy duty metal with zinc plate, durable and anti-rust
Metal latch handle design, holding capacity up to 360lbs
Oil resistant red rubber cover handle for comfortable grip
Installation is convenient, quick loading and unloading, high work efficiency;Adjustable tension hook meets different install purpose
Toggle Latch Clamp Applications:Cabinet lid;Smoker door;Freezer door;Tool and toy box;Storage case;Making jig;Hatches;Tool fixtures;Connecting movable parts;Storage locker
Toggle Latch Clamp Specifications:
Type: Latch Door Clamp
Maximum overall length : 4-1/8 inch
Minimum overall length : 3-1/2 inch
colour: red + silver
Material: metal
size: 11cm
Package Contents:
1 x Toggle Clamp Latch
1 x Latch Plate