C-Beam Gantry XL Bundle

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This Bundle is a great way to get all the parts for a C-Beam Gantry XL.

This Bundle allows a C-Beam Gantry Plate – XL to run along the C-Beam Linear Rail system, with the wheels on the outside and nut block on the inside.

Product Features

  • Quick Assembly of motion system
  • Multiple pre-drilled and tapped holes
  • Ready to use Gantry for C-Beam Linear Rail
  • Designed for Lead Screw driven systems

The Bundle Includes:

Qty. Description
1 C-Beam Gantry Plate – XL
4 Solid V Wheel Kit
2 Metric Aluminum Spacers – 6mm
2 Eccentric Spacers – 8mm Hex – 6mm Height
4 M5 Low Profile Screws