8mm Metric Lead Screw / ACME, 400mm length

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T8 8mm   Lead Screw Rod W/ Brass Nut For 3D Printer


This 8mm Metric Lead Screw / ACME has an accuracy of 0.05-0.10mm or better. Leadscrew machines are designed to be accurate,  strong and reliable. Leadscrew transmission requires little ongoing maintenance, with nut-blocks often having a functional life of longer than 3 years if the machine is taken care of.

All of our Leadscrews are ACME thread TR8x8(P2), in basic terms, this means one revolution of the leadscrew will make a nut-block travel four times further than a standard threaded rod which is an only single start. Furthermore, this precision trapezoidal (metric) lead screws pitch and diameter are a perfect combination of high torque and speed.

8mm Metric Lead Screw / ACME is the standard for the OpenBuilds’ style CNC Machines. Equipped with a large diameter that helps eliminate whipping and a high pitch that allows quick moves at 8mm per revolution.  It’s a great power transmission choice for your next build.


  • Tr8*8(P2)
  • Lead Screw Diameter ∅ 8 (mm)
  • Pitch 2 (mm)
  • Lead 8 (mm)
  • 4 Start
  • Length:400mm

package include :1 X lead screw with brass nut.

Package list:

1 *Stainless steel screw
1 *Brass nut

Price $/ 1 pc lead screw plus brass nut