Linear Rail – HGR15 - 1500mm Length

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HGR Linear rail is similar to MGN Linear rail, however it is larger and more durable. HGR Series Linear Rail offers high rigidity and precision accuracy in linear motion.

HGR Linear rail can be used over long distances where high precision is required, for instance a CNC machine where you require accuracy’s of +-0.05mm. The HGR Linear rail also helps to increase the structural integrity of your machines when installed with V-slot.

This is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to make a heavy duty machine. other common applications are 3D printers, Robotics, Measuring equipment and instrumentation as well as Other Machinery.

Please note saying this listing is for the Linear Rail only, not including bearings, you can find bearings here: Linear Bearing – HGR


  • All Rails are made from chrome steel
  • Arch contact design offers high rigidity and precision accuracy
  • Steel design capable of sustaining loads from all directions
  • Designed to resist twisting or warping
  • HGR Bearings slide along the Rail using Rolling Circulation System of Steel Balls
  • Steel capable of sustaining loads greater than aluminium


Please note that the distance “X1, X2” varies per rail. The 60mm hole spacing remains the same per rail.