Nema23 180W Integrated Servo Motor

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    • The Nema23 180W Integrated Servo Motor is a high-performance brushless DC servo that takes performance to the next level. With the capability to be programmed and configured, these are excellent for applications where high precision and repeatability are required which include but are not limited to; CNC machines, robotics and high-precision actuators.

    • Unlike stepper motors, these servos are significantly quieter, have quicker acceleration and maintain constant torque throughout the RPM range.

    • The servo is fully integrated with the driver, only requiring a control signal and a power source.

    • This servo is closed-loop which means there is more accurate positioning in the system which leads to unmatched repeatability.

      By default, programming is generally not required and can be used right out of the box.

      These motors have the NEMA23 footprint and are a drop-in replacement for most systems.

    • Please note that the longer shaft of the motor may require 10mm longer spacers depending on your machine.


      • Rated Speed: 3000RPM
      • Input Voltage: 24-50VDC. (36V typical and recommended value)
      • Rated Current: 6A
      • Motor Inductance: 0.58mH
      • Nominal Torque: 0.6Nm
      • Max Torque (Boost): 1.8Nm
      • Max Pulse Frequency: 250Khz
      • Weight: 1.8kg

      Features of the Integrated Servo Motor:

      • High-performance brushless DC servo.
      • Easy pulse/Rev setting with provided table and dip switch array
      • Ease of connectivity with integrated spring terminal connectors.
      • Fully Integrated driver with high-performance DSP chip.
      • Low vibration and high efficiency.
      • Constant torque output through the RPM range.
      • Autotuning.
      • Load-dependent torque output.
      • Multiple control modes: Step/DIR (Recommended), RS232.
      • Built-in quadrature encoder.
      • Alarm outputs.
      • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
      • Free tuning software available (English)



      The servo has two modes of communication to suit

      different applications:

      • RS232 communication
      • Step/DIR communication

      High-speed carving in CNC applications:


      • No torque drop compared to stepper motors
        at high speeds.
      • Cut your milling times down with high speed and
        quick acceleration.

      Use the Integrated Servo Motor to drive:


      • Nema23 compatible CNC machines
      • Laser Cutters
      • Plasma Cutter
      • Robotic Actuators
      • Automated Linear Actuators

      Typical Connections

      Below is a typical connection using Step, Enable and Direction signals from the controller.

      Engineering Drawings:

      Please note:

      • Shaft diameter: 8mm
      • Shaft Length: 33mm

      Side View


      Front and Rear View

      Tips and Tricks

      • The servos are best matched with low-pitch ball screws for a high-speed and high-precision system.
      • For advanced users, the USB-RS232 180W Servo programming cable is recommended for tuning your servo.