SBR Bearing 12UU

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The SBR Linear motion ball slides are used to slide along SBR Supported Rods. These have a platform with four holes tapped for M5 screws.

With this platform it provides the perfect mounting point for any mechanism you require to move in a linear direction.

Supported smooth rod can be used over longer lengths without the need of additional supporting brackets, this allows for longer continuous lengths without a support block getting in the way.

The supported rod design also increase’s rigidity while maintaining the standard configuration of smooth rod set ups, this allows for heavier loads to be incorporated into your application.

To upgrade from standard smooth rod to supported smooth rod all you need to is replace the support blocks and smooth rod with a supported smooth rod. you can now use a SBR bearing with as many supported smooth rods joined together as you application requires. common applications are 3D printers, CNC machines, Robotics, Measuring equipment and instrumentation as well as Other Machinery.


Additional Information:

  • Over Tightening of Rail Mounting Bolts will seriously affect the accuracy and function of the Block.
  • Please note carriage colour may vary