Smooth Idler Pulley Wheel Kit

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These smooth wheels are ideal for belt pulleys. They can suit belts up to 9mm wide, and are a perfect match for our idler pulley plates!

There are a lot of other ways these can be mounted too - for instance, you can bolt them anywhere along a length of our extrusion using a suitable bolt, spacer, and tee nut.

Each wheel kit includes:
1 x Smooth Idler Pulley Wheel
2 x 625-2RS Bearings (5x16x5)
1 x 1/8" Aluminium Spacer
1 x 5mm Precision Shim (10x5x1)
1 x M5 Hex Locknut
Material: Delrin, black
Outer Diameter: 22.0mm
Inner Diameter: 16.0mm
Width: 12.7mm