Start /Stop Push Button Switches Waterproof Safety Witch 28A

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Rated Voltage:AC250V

Rated Current: 18A(AC-1) 15A(AC-3)

Coil Voltage: 220-240V

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Pin Number: 4Pin/5Pin

Degree Protection: IP55

Number of operating Cycles: 5E4

Ambient temperature: T 85/55

This switch have the following function that derived from power-off and under voltage protection:
1. Double Pole cut off
2. Brake function with one pole cut off
3. These two versions can be combined with overload protection switch to achieve under voltage and overload protection
Widely used in machine tools, large-scale power tools, garden machinery above, belonging to the safety switch, the device will not turn on after power off unexpectedly, need to press the green start button will turn on.